A Bodacious Challenge

Bodacion Technologies offered a $100,000 cash prize today to any one who can crack the encryption system of the company’s Hydra Internet server. The Barrington, Ill.-based company issued the challenge at the Information Assurance Technical Framework Forum (IATFF), an organization sponsored by the National Security Agency (NSA).

More than 1000 representatives from U.S. government agencies and commercial industry are attending the program in Washington, D.C., in person and by broadcast over the Internet.

“Our encryption system is uncrackable,” said Brad Hessel, chief executive officer of Bodacion Technologies. “We are so confident we are giving any takers 100,000 reasons to try.”

Hessel said Hydra’s security system is based on biomorphic mathematics — a derivative of Chaos Theory used to model the random growth of living things. Hydra uses a biomorphic algorithm to generate series of pattern-less numbers; each figure in a series is called a Bodacion.

Because a series of Bodacions is “truly random,” no two Hydra users will ever receive the same session ID, customer ID, order ID, etc., nor will any hacker be able to discern a pattern and predict the next number, even if they possess the basic mathematical formula. In addition, Hydra operates as an embedded system, which makes its operating system inaccessible and therefore “unassailable by hackers.”

“The combination of Bodacions and embedded systems makes Hydra impervious to hackers,” said Eric Uner, one of Bodacion Technologies’ founders, who is among the presenters at today’s IATFF event.

Contestants in the Bodacion Challenge are issued 999 Bodacions from a series of 1000. To win the $100,000 prize, the decoder must predict correctly the Bodacion that would complete the series. Entrants agree to the terms and conditions of the contest, which include demonstrating the mathematical work used to solve the problem and obtaining permission to use the computing resources of any employer, educational or government organization.

Challengers can register for the contest at www.bodacion.com/bodacionChallenge.html.

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