AccuSoft Releases NetVue 3.0

AccuSoft Corp. Thursday released NetVue V3.0, the newest version of its Web-centric document management solution. Version 3 of NetVue includes many innovative features for document management, electronic commerce and Web publishing.

NetVue facilitates the viewing and annotation of documents and images at high speeds using a standard browser. The NetVue Document Streaming (NDS) generator increases the speed of retrieving a document from the Web. NDS enables users to view a document up to 20 times faster than Group IV compressed images, and up to 40 times faster than a GIF image.

Add-on options for NetVue include server-based OCR, full-text search engine, support for CAD formats, Office formats, and PDF. Server-side OCR allows users to view the textual content of any document. NetVue’s full-text search engine allows images to be indexed based on their textual content, providing easy and powerful query and retrieval for document databases.

NetVue 3.0 supports more than 100 file formats, while the Office filter add-on provides support for Word and Excel formats, and the PDF option adds support for Adobe Acrobat format. NetVue 3.0 also has the ability to read 10 CAD and vector formats, including DWG, DXF, CGM, IGES, and HPGL.

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