ACD Systems Unveils ImageServer

ACD Systems this week announced the upcoming release of its ImageServer Web tool, which extends the imaging capabilities of your Web server.

ACD Systems plans to release the server product on Nov. 3rd.

This release of ImageServer almost doubles the amout of useable image formats since the last release. When the product is released, Image Server will support 30 image formats, with additional formats to be added at a later date. Pricing details will be announced closer to the release date.

Highlights of this release will include:

  • High-speed imaging engine
  • Thumbnail navigation for multi-page TIFF documents (faxes, memos etc.)
  • On-the-fly image scaling to requested dimensions
  • Scale-to-gray for high quality rendering of black and white images
  • Crop image to region
  • Rotate image
  • No client software needed
  • Retrieve a preview image of any size
  • Server-side caching of generated images with automated management
  • Film strip preview for browsing
  • Easily integrates with existing web server or FTP site
  • Supports ACDSee file descriptions
  • Supports over 30 popular image types with automatic conversion to standard Web-capable formats

ACD Image Server allows the developer to archive their images once, in any format, and then the server can generate any size image or thumbnail on demand? At this time, the product supports Microsoft NT Server running IIS Web server. For additional information, or to view a demo, visit the ACD Image Server Demonstration Site.

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