Agile Software Development Gets Less Formal

Even as Agile software development has grown in popularity, a recent research report found that strict adherence to its methodology isn’t the most important thing for rapid, quality software development. DevX has the details.

Over the last several years, Agile software development has gained in popularity, thanks to its promises of speeding software projects with an iterative approach designed to encourage rapid, high-quality development.

Even though Agile won converts due to being a more self-organizing, less hierarchical alternative to traditional models like “waterfall” development, the methodology today can be highly formalized. It often involves formal approaches to precisely how development teams should organize, meet and work to which dedicated software development teams adhere.

That’s one reason that even while Agile is growing, there is also a trend away from following its strict, formalized methodology. New data from Forrester Research — in a follow-up to its first-quarter 2009 study on development practices — points to an era where developers are leveraging only some elements of Agile as opposed to strictly following all of its formalized dictates.

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