ALC Interactive Debuts “EyeStopping” Video

ALC Interactive
recently introduced “EyeStoppers,” a service that allows full-motion video
footage to be converted to standalone graphics files for use on Web pages
that are viewed by any browser, without Java or plug-ins.

According to ALC Interactive, recent tests have indicated that the use of
full-motion video increases clickthrough rates and product sales on a Web

In one such test, a static ad banner for ALCi’s Catalog Request Center
received an average 1.45% click rate, while the banner ad that contained
video received almost double at 2.77%.

U.S. News & World Report tried a similar test and
clickthrough rates were reportedly enhanced by 75%.

EyeStoppers converts video footage into a variation of the GIF format
which is then e-mailed to back to the developer. Various sizes are
available or a specific size may be suggested. Advanced compression
algorithms maintain a small file size in order to reduce download time.

For additional information, or to see the EyeStoppers in action, visit the
EyeStoppers Web site.

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