alphaWorks Announces Its Latest Technology Updates

IBM this week
announced the latest technology updates to its alphaWorks Web site. This
week three tools, including Secure Mailer, Remote AWT for Java, and RMI for
Microsoft’s IE4, have been updated.

Secure Mailer is now available for commercial use and features an
“extremely liberal open source license.” Developers can utilize Secure
Mailer the same way they presently use sendmail. The update fixes several
minor problems and corrects a directory permission mistake.

Remote AWT for Java is an implementation of AWT for Java which enables Java
applications to run unchanged in a client-server mode. RMI for IE4 is a
package that installs RMI support in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 4.0. The
latest release of RMI for IE4 also has a fix for the JVM that is installed
by Microsoft Visual/J++.

For additional information, or to download the updates, visit the
alphaWorks Formula Web

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