alphaWorks Releases Big Decimal

this week released BigDecimal, a new Java-based technology
that enables computer systems to generate commonly recognized decimal
points. BigDecimal’s decimal points are consistent with the arithmetic that
is traditionally taught in school. The BigDecimal class provides a floating
decimal point, a utility which is currently unavailable in Java.

BigDecimal allows developers to add “human-oriented arithmetic” to Java
applications, and is a proposed replacement for the current
java.math.BigDecimal class. The new class extends the existing class using
ANSI X3.274 floating point arithmetic, which utilizes arithmetic in the
same manner that people do. It implements immutable arbitrary-precision
decimal numbers, with optional exponential notation.

The methods of BigDecimal also allow the standard operations for fixed and
floating point arithmetic, along with methods for comparison, format
conversions and hashing.

IBM will distribute the BigDecimal class to developers directly from the
IBM alphaWorks Web site. For additional information, or to download the new
class, visit the IBM alphaWorks Web site.

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