Amazon Readies Android App Store

When it comes to mobile applications, consumers don’t lack choice. There are hundreds of thousands of mobile apps available for smartphones and the emerging new class of tablet devices. But finding the right application can be a challenge. Online app stores like the wildly successful iPhone App Store and Google’s Market for Android are designed to help organize and facilitate finding the right applications, but many are inevitability overlooked by consumers given the sheer volume of choices.

Enter, which knows a thing or two about organizing large numbers of items. Enterprise Mobile Today reports on what Amazon is planning to make Android applications more accessible to mobile users.

It’s not just the number of smartphone apps that are growing; it’s the online stores to buy them at too. This week Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) announced it plans to give Android developers another online storefront to market their apps.

The ecommerce giant unveiled the Amazon Appstore Developer Portal, a new self-service tool Android mobile application developers can use to submit their apps. The portal is in advance of the upcoming launch of the Amazon Appstore for Android targeted at consumers.

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Amazon to Offer Android App Store

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