Apache Project CouchDB Taking to the Cloud

Call it database counterculture. In response to the conventional SQL-based relational database has arisen a growing movement of NoSQL databases. One such offering, CouchDB, promises a more “organic” representation of data in documents, rather than the SQL methid, where information is ported into rows and columns.

Thanks to some commercial support, CouchDB, a project run by the Apache Software Foundation, is heading in a new direction. Developer.com has the details about open source CouchDB’s migration to the cloud.

SQL-based relational database management systems (RDBMS) are beginning to be challenged by a new movement of NoSQL databases. Among those NoSQL databases is the open source CouchDB, which provides an alternative to the relational datastores used by RDBMS vendors — and which is banking on cloud-based deployment options to sweeten its appeal to users.

CouchDB is an open source project run by the Apache Software Foundation but with some commercial backing from startup Cloudant, which provides cloud services for CouchDB. With the additional cloud deployment options, Cloudant is aiming to help accelerate CouchDB adoption and make the database even more scalable.

“There is no one company that owns CouchDB — it’s an open source Apache project that is worked on by a large community,” Cloudant CEO Alan Hoffman told InternetNews.com. “We provide commercial support for CouchDB, we host CouchDB and we have our own flavor that we use internally to beef up some of the capabilities. But we also work within the community to provide development for CouchDB, as we want to push the project along.”

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Open Source CouchDB Heads to the Cloud

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