Apache Tomcat Update Adds Java Features

The Apache Tomcat project takes its time with its release schedule. The last major update came four years ago. But this week, the open source project released Tomcat 7, an upgrade that includes expanded support for Java and new performance and security features.

Specifically, Tomcat 7 capitalizes on new JavaEE 6 specifications, though the development team notes that it’s a very early beta release. Developer.com takes a look.

The open source Apache Tomcat Java server is among the most popular ways of deploying Java applications, and significant updates have been few and far between. Now, however, four years after its last major release, the Apache Tomcat project this week introduced Apache Tomcat 7, ushering in a number of enhancements.

The open source Tomcat 7 Java app server leverages some of the new JavaEE 6 specifications formally ratified at the end of 2009. In addition, new performance and security features are also baked into Tomcat 7, and its developers say the server is intended to provide an easy migration path for Java applications that already run on Tomcat 5.5 and 6.x.

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Tomcat 7 Debuts for Java

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