Are Linux Developers Getting Long in the Tooth?

Young blood — is that what the Linux kernel needs? Some developers think it is.

They worry about older developers slowing up, or becoming so specialized that it can make it tougher for younger contributors to get involved.

But others are less concerned. After all, it’s Linux — all are welcome, young or old. Besides, it could be a good hobby for Baby Boomers after retirement.

Linux Planet takes a look at the growing pains of the Linux kernel.

Are Linux kernel developers getting too old?

That was a question raised during a panel discussion with kernel developers at the Linux Foundation’s Collaboration Summit this week, as some admitted that there are a large number of ‘graybeards’ that make up kernel development.

The graying of the kernel could put Linux development at risk unless new blood is brought into the fold, some warned.

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Linux Kernel Devs: We Need New Blood

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