AT&T Labs To Use Datachannel’s XML-Based Portal

DataChannel this week announced an agreement with AT&T Labs in which AT&T Labs will use DataChannel Inc.’s XMLFramework technology for its next-generation network services. DataChannel RIO will enable AT&T Labs to create new e-commerce offerings which will facilitate the secure exchange and management of information.

The agreement will allow AT&T Labs to license the XML Framework and utilize DataChannel support for the creation of prototype technology and services. This XML-based technology and services will include the publishing, entitlement, notification, organization and personalized delivery of content.

DataChannel RIO provides enhanced data access and advanced administration capabilities, including N-tier support for access, configuration, and entitlements. This XML Framework allows developers to utilize the full capabilities of XML with a portfolio of architectural design and consulting integration services, tools, solution software and maintenance and support.

DataChannel’s XMLFramework consists of XML Professional Services, Solutions Software, XML Tools and Technologies, XML Training, and Support Services, and was designed to capitalize on the eXtensible Markup Language (XML). This creates universal access to mission-critical structured information along with an increasing amount of unstructured data.

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