Authoring, Licensing Solution for Yellow Box/Rhapsody

Stone Design Corp. released Create
4.2.3, a drawing and Web design package for use on the Apple’s Rhapsody
operating system.

The solution runs on all versions of Apple’s Rhapsody,
including Rhapsody Developer Release 1 for PPC and Intel, OpenStep 4.x for
Windows and Mach (Intel, Motorola, and SPARC), and Yellow Box for Windows.

The package is priced at $249 per license, with academic discounts
available. A
full-strength demonstration version, good until February 12, 1998, can be
downloaded from their Web site.

Stone concurrently announced a Licenser Kit, which provides copy protection
and licensing functions to software packages for developers. The Kit is
available now at a discounted price.

Visist the company’s Web site for more information.

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