Avesta Technologies Announces Site Monitoring Solution

Avesta Technologies Inc. has announced its comprehensive solution for monitoring and optimizing secure Web environments.

eWatcher 1.3 is being billed as the “first Web monitoring solution to accurately assess end-to-end site performance, confirm site integrity and report on the end-user experience in real-time.”

eWatcher enables the optimum performance of a Web site by providing companies with the ability to monitor the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The tool locates site integrity problems and performance issues, including broken links and slow response times, by creating and repeating transactions which simulate the user’s experience. eWatcher is able to test for a wide range of user application behaviors, including URL availability, links and page content, CGI scripts, and over ten security and authentication algorithms. The product supports SSL v3 sites as well as the use of cookies as a form of authentication. It can also test Web services such as HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, Mail, FTP, and News.

eWatcher 1.3 is said to be easy to deploy and use with the addition of auto-discovery and set-up wizards; the product was designed to be deployed and supported by resellers and system integrators. Application Service Providers (ASPs) and Web hosting providers are now able to provide their customers with a real-time look at the performance of their Web site or hosted application.

eWatcher is a Java-based tool, which means that users can access it using any Java-enabled Web browser, or any Java-enabled platform. eWatcher’s Web Recorder allows the creation of simulated end-to-end transactions, from the first time a user logs on to a site, all the way through purchasing and shipping. This enables the developer to identify potential problems before customers run into them.

eWatcher 1.3 is now available for both Microsoft Windows NT and Sun Solaris, with prices starting at $1,995.

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