BarbaBatch 3.0 Adds Support for Real Audio G2, MP3 and QuickTime 4.0

MacSourcery Monday released BarbaBatch 3.0, which adds support for Real Audio G2, MP3 and QuickTime 4.0 (including QDesign2.0). BarbaBatch 3.0 enables the conversion of audio to the popular MP3 format.

The product was designed for the fast, high quality conversion of digital audio for use in Internet, multimedia and professional productions. Company President John Pattenden believes that BarbaBatch 3.0 will set new standards for the conversion of digital audio to Internet-ready formats.

BarbaBatch is a professional audio conversion tool with the ability to convert thousands of sound files in a single batch. Capabilities of BarbaBatch includes file format conversions to more than 30 different file types, dynamics processing, compression and gating, sample-rate conversion and word-length reduction. The tool is also “AppleScriptable” and can convert Audio CD Tracks directly from a CD-ROM.

This new release can process audio content stored in formats including CD audio, QuickTime, Real Audio, MPEG, Sound Designer, AIFF, AIFCIMA, WAVE, NeXT/SUN and
VOX. BarbaBatch can create “snippets” of input tracks, add fadeins and fadeouts, extract sound designer regions and join separate audio files together.

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