Beatnik Releases Beatnik Xtra For Macromedia Director

Beatnik Inc. Wednesday released Beatnik Xtra, which is based on the Beatnik Audio Engine and can be integrated into Macromedia Director. Beatnik Xtra enables Web and game developers to add high-quality, interactive music and sound to their projects without bandwidth limitations.

Macromedia Director users will be able to “sonify” their sites using Beatnik’s software and audio library. Audio can be played when a Web page is visited, while downloading graphics, and in response to events including mouse clicks, mouseovers or after specific actions within in a game. The tool also provides copyrighted music along with the ability to create new sounds.

Beatnik Xtra makes interactive music on the Web available now using Shockwave with 64 channel stereo audio, as compared to the 2 channels currently available in Shockwave for Windows. It also provides Shockwave with interactive features such as dynamic panning, mixing, and includes a synthesizer for playing back interactive RMF and MIDI music.

BeatnikXtra is available for $299 per user, and can be downloaded from the Beatnik Web site. For a demo, visit the Altoids Web site.

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