Borland Adds Lifecycle Management Support Partners

Borland Software on Monday will announce it has added three new partners to its Open Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) strategy to fill in the gaps in the development testing and management process.

The new are Codefast, dynaTrace Software and Ring-Zero Software. Each of these partners will complement Borland’s Lifecycle Quality Management (LQM) software, particularly Borland’s Gauntlet, a continuous integration and test automation system, and Borland’s Silk product line of quality management solutions.

Borland  has slowly moved away from just the testing market into the larger picture of lifecycle management. “Today we look at performance testing as a mature market,” Brad Johnson, director of product marketing for LQM products at Borland told “These tools are about isolation and resolution of the problem as part of the holistic performance optimization process.”

Codefast’s PerfectBuild provides continuous integration and testing to an enterprise application to check its performance, reliability and adaptability during the development process. By integrating it with Borland Gauntlet, developers can use pattern-driven build automation and management to create scalable, adaptable builds of an application for testing.

By integrating dynaTrace Diagnostics with Borland’s SilkPerformer, developers and QA testers can detect, isolate and resolve performance issues with greater speed and accuracy in .Net and Java applications. This compliments SilkPerformer load and stress testing functionality.

Finally, the third-party connectors from Ring-Zero Software will allow non-Borland tools and technologies to integrate and work with Borland’s lifecycle quality management software. For example, Mercury Interactive’s testing tools can be made to work with Borland’s software, which can’t be done now.

“PerfectBuild and Gauntlet are very complimentary to one another,” said Nick Berens, CEO of Codefast in a statement. “Developers want quick, reliable results, and systems that are simple to operate and update. By combining PerfectBuild and Gauntlet, we are giving them an integrated solution, which satisfies the needs of both parties.”

Johnson said the integration is part of a deliberate strategy.”We’re reading our customers frustration in the fact that they don’t want to have to make a choice when a tool is chosen,” said Johnson. “We’ve made a commitment to enable customers to be able to leverage other tools they may have chosen for whatever reason in the application lifecycle management process.”

More information on product availability can be found at Borland’s LQM site.

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