Borland Cozies Up to BEA

After recently adding support for BEA’s WebLogic Server 7.0 in its
development environment for Java, Borland Software is
furthering its relationship with San Jose-based BEA to offer a co-branded
version, Jbuilder WebLogic Edition.

Under the terms of the agreement, BEA will resell Borland’s popular JBuilder
Java development tool, and Borland, in turn, will build a version of JBuilder
tailored to the WebLogic application server software.

“BEA and Borland have been working closely in the field for some time to
best serve our customers,” said Alfred Chuang, founder, president and CEO of
BEA Systems. “The deeper partnership and product cooperation between our two
companies is intended to make JBuilder, WebLogic Edition one of the most
productive Java development platforms in the industry.”

The shift comes as BEA’s former fallback for development tools, WebGain, has
fallen into financial crisis, selling many properties to Oracle. And, in a
deal announced yesterday, selling
the company
and remaining assets to TogetherSoft.

While the future of the WebGain’s formerly market-leading Java development
tool, VisualCafe, is now in the hands of Togethersoft, the future of its
relationship with BEA may be strained.

Although the partnership between BEA and Borland is not exclusive, having
the co-branding as well as co-marketing will certainly sway users towards

Despite a still brewing independent vendors’ market, Borland has staked out
some important ground in setting up the agreement with BEA. BEA in-turn has
established a default integrated development environment (IDE) provider,
something IDC analyst Michele Rosen sees as particularly important for the

“It’s important for BEA that they have a good relationship with Borland,
because unlike their major competitors, they don’t have their own Java IDE,”
said Rosen.

The new edition, which is expected sometime in the next month, will add
WebLogic Workshop, BEA’s programming tool for building Web services.

Importantly, it will also provide easy application deployment to BEA WebLogic
Server, as well as support for the emerging JWS (Java Web Services)

On the marketing side, the companies have agreed to jointly promote and
distribute the developer product bundle, with the BEA and Borland sales
forces working together to drive JBuilder, WebLogic Edition to market. Both
BEA and Borland have agreed to promote and sell the new addition through
their Web sites and through other distribution channels.

Over recent months Jserver has taken the lead in the market for Java tools,
with the struggling VisualCafe, falling back to fifth, according to recent
numbers from Evans Data.

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