Borland Unwraps Real-Time Code Check Inspector

Borland Software on Monday introduced TeamInspector, the fourth in its Team line of software management tools that can give a project development manager a real-time look at the status of a project while in development.

TeamInspector runs a variety of metrics, like code analysis, test coverage, standards compliance, and successful build to determine what kind of state the code is in at that moment. TeamInspector is the fourth product in Borland’s Management Solutions line of software.

“If you have greater control and insight, you can take corrective action quicker. You also have a greater understanding and finger on the pulse of exactly how your application development teams are doing as they move forward,” said David Wilbey, vice president of product strategy for Borland.

This is all designed to give visibility into the project to perform business intelligence on the application lifecycle management (ALM) data. “We have a tendency in the industry to collect an enormous amount of data, but we have a poor record of pulling in that data and doing something with it,” Wilbey told

TeamInspector has an inspector infrastructure that aggregates metrics from industry standard test techniques like Emma, Ant, NAnt, Checkstyle, JUnit and NUnit. The code is then evaluated against these tests and its readiness evaluated.

Relationships and dependencies

The Portfolio Inspector displays the readiness indicators not just for the project or code, but also across many projects, so project leaders can see relationships and dependencies between individual data and identify if a portion of a project is falling behind, out of compliance, or slipping in quality.

TeamInspector also comes with a build and continuous integration environment, which works with configuration and change management tools to monitor the code constantly and evaluate progress in its changes. It comes with a dashboard that shows progress across multiple projects, and it can track the work of developers on a project spread over multiple geographic regions.

TI also integrates with the OpenALM interface Borland started a few years back, so TI works with Subversion, StarTeam, Ant/NAnt, and a command line interface.

Because it supports Ant and NAnt, TeamInspector supports Java from Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: JAVA) as well as all of the .NET languages from Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT).

TeamInspector is available immediately at a starting price of $20,000.

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