Businesses Get Content Help

A service enabling growing businesses to create their own Web sites was
launched by Broadwing this week.

Broadwing’s shared Web hosting and
ecommerce services is designed to let users build attractive Web sites and
ecommerce storefronts without the cost and labor of keeping up with frequent
technological advances in Web design.

The service is geared toward business owners who are intimidated by the
Web and reluctant to establish an online identity, according to Dom
DeAngelo, president of Internet/data services at Broadwing Communications.

“Nearly half of small and midsize businesses do not yet have a presence
on the
World Wide Web,” he said. “They perceive it to be too
costly, are intimidated by technology or they’re uncertain about how they
can make the Web a useful part of their business.”

The service bundles building tools with an integrated suite of site
management utilities. Available options include online
credit card network gateway access setup fees as well as merchant banking
application fees.

The offerings include six pre-configured Web site
hosting packages ranging from 20 to 200 megabyte sites and four
pre-configured eCommerce storefront packages.

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