Chat software WebBoard 3.5 Released

O’Reilly &
recently released WebBoard version 3.5, the latest upgrade
for its collaboration, discussion and chat package.

This new version expands the abilities of administrators and visitors to
communicate with each other using new features such as real-time paging,
broadcasting, email address verification, password notification by email,
and SMTP server enhancement.

New features in the latest release of WebBoard include:

  • Real-time paging, which enables users to communicate instantly with other
    board visitors
  • Broadcasting enables administrators and conference board managers
    to make board-wide and system-wide broadcasts which instantly appear on
    the screen of all logged-in users
  • E-mail address verification, a new security feature which will prevent
    from creating accounts using another person’s e-mail address
  • Password reminder system enables site visitors who’ve forgotten their
    password to retrieve it without the assistance of the administrator
  • Co-existing SMTP server support enables WebBoard’s SMTP server to run
    on the same computer as another SMTP server

The upgrade for WebBoard 3.5 is available at no cost for all enrolled
customers on the WebBoard Web site. WebBoard 3.0 is available for Windows
NT, 98 and 95, and sells for a retail price of $699. For additional
information, visit the WebBoard Web site.

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