Chrystal Software Releases Digital Content Publishing Solution

Chrystal Software this week announced
the release of Astoria 3.0, an enterprise authoring support system designed
for use in complex technical and content publishing environments.

Astoria 3.0 features improved performance and scalability over previous
releases, as well as the ability to further enhance and customize the user
interface. Additionally, Astoria 3.0 manages all data types, including XML,
and utilizes the Verity full-text search engine.

Chrystal Software is relying on the Gartner Group prediction that 75 percent
of regularly used document-based information will be in digital form by 1999.
The company believes that the embracement of XML by Microsoft, Netscape,
and Sun
Microsystems will even accelerate that prediction.

Chrystal Software will be working in conjunction with Microsoft’s sponsorship
of XML Xposed in a nationwide series of events that are scheduled
throughout 1998.
It is hoping that XML Xposed will help to clarify XML’s capabilities and
business value to developers, and showcase the XML tools that are available
today, including Astoria 3.0.

For more information about Astoria 3.0, visit the Chrystal Software Web site.

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