Claymore Systems Releases Security-Focused Java Toolkit

Claymore Systems this week
released the Claymore Secure Java Toolkit targeted at
server-side Java infrastructure vendors offering enterprise
JavaBeans application servers, Java-based commerce servers and Java-based
application service provisioning platforms.

Claymore Secure Java Toolkit provides features to authenticate users
remotely, encrypt network connections, and restrict access to application
functions. It also has a public key infrastructure to support
certificate-based security.

Traditionally, server-side Java infrastructure vendors have had to
either implement their own security from scratch or piece together a
combination of low-level security products. Claymore Secure Java Toolkit
provides a comprehensive solution, Kevin Dick, Claymore Systems’ president
explained in a statement released by the company.

The Claymore Secure Java Toolkit has three components:

  • Secure Networking Framework: This component provides
    authentication and encryption services, supporting authentication using user
    name/password or public-key certificates. The Secure Networking Framework is
    transparent to developers, who need only declare the security features they
    want for a connection and use that connection as if it were a normal

  • Access Control Engine: This component provides the capability to
    restrict access to application functions. Using a role-based permissions
    model and supporting hierarchies (e.g., groups or groups of groups) of both
    restricted functions and users, vendors can offer their customers
    method-level access control for a global user base while minimizing
    administrative overhead. Vendors can also restrict access to application
    functions based on the properties of the client connection.

  • Certificate Authority: This component provides a stand-alone
    solution for issuing public-key certificates used for authentication.
    Vendors can allow customers to issue certificates remotely to browser
    clients that support these standards, stand-alone Java clients built with
    Claymore Java client classes, and Java servers built with the Claymore Java
    server classes. Administrators can also generate certificates locally and
    distribute them on removable media. The certificate authority offers both
    remote and local management options.

The Claymore Secure Java Toolkit is currently available from Claymore
Systems’ site. Claymore
Systems licenses the complete toolkit source code for a one-time fee of
$200,000 with no recurring royalties. Licensing terms for source code to
individual components of the Claymore Secure Java Toolkit are available on

A 60-day evaluation license can be obtained from the site as well.

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