COAST Unveils Web Pub Automater

COAST Software Inc.
today announced COAST Intellect, its new collaborative system for
integrating and automating the many tasks performed by Web site publishing

COAST Intellect is a multi-module, server-based system which provides
features for the everyday roles involved in a Web publishing environment,
such as authoring, developing, editing, etc. COAST Intellect was initially
presented to the public at Mecklermedia’s Fall Internet World 98 conference
in New York City.

the product offers a browser-based interface that enables publishers to
focus on producing and revising a site’s true content. As soon as a
document is published, COAST Intellect provides the tools needed to track,
approve, and post content based on its history and properties.

Features in this release of COAST Intellect include:

  • Automated staging and deployment – ensure timely updates and eliminate
    the manual Web site maintenance tasks.
  • Streamlined submissions and approvals – improves communication and
    eliminates confusion in the revision process.
  • COAST Intellect maintains document libraries – ensures optimal site
    organization and reorganizations.
  • Automatic creation and maintenance of archives – preserves required
    audit and version information.
  • Entire structure simplifies navigation and enables targeted knowledge

COAST Intellect supports most Microsoft Windows NT-based or Unix-based Web
servers, including IIS, Netscape, Apache and NCSA. Pricing starts at
$19,500. For additional information, visit the COAST Web site.

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