CodePlex Foundation Rebrands as Outercurve

Where does one CodePlex begin and another end? Many people weren’t entirely clear, as two Microsoft-backed open source efforts of the same name often saw their respective roles and activities get confused.

But that all ends now, with the CodePlex Foundation rebranding itself as the Outercurve Foundation in an effort to disambiguate between it and the forge. Confused yet? Datamation sifts through the functions of both entities.

What’s in a name?

For the open source CodePlex Foundation, which shared a name with Microsoft’s CodePlex project hosting site, its name was a potential source of confusion.

The CodePlex Foundation is a Microsoft sponsored open source effort, though the goal is to have a broader base than just Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT). As such the CodePlex Foundation is now changing its name to the Outercurve Foundation in an effort to help differentiate and move the initiative forward.

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CodePlex Foundation Now Outercurve

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