Collaborative Software Development Site Launched Inc. launched the beta
version of a new virtual online community that gives software developers the
opportunity to collaborate via the Internet and profit from the software they

Software developers from around the globe can meet each other, initiate
projects and form teams that will share in the revenues of the products they
create, the company said.

The finished work will be tested, polished and then marketed through a range
of channels, including download, shrink-wrap retail and licensing or sale to
third-party software providers.

“The only model for online collaborative software development on this scale
is the Open Source movement,” said Nate McKie, chief technology officer of

“The recent success of Linux-related companies has proven the
quality and profit-potential of
software developed over the Web. Unfortunately, the Open Source movement has
not had a means to credit and reward the developers all over the world who
participate in such projects — until now.’s infrastructure
will allow proprietary and Open Source projects to track and assign shares to
the team members.”

Because members will be able to work in their spare time on whatever they
choose, it is envisioned that there will be a broad range of projects — from
games to business applications on platforms from the PC to the Palm OS, the
company said.

“By providing an integrated system for developers to collaborate and receive
shares for the work they perform, this activity can be channeled to produce
marketable products and provide income to the development teams,” McKie said.

Up to 90 percent of net sales will be returned to the members, based upon
their individual contribution to each product, the company said.

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