Commerce One Announces XML Development Toolkit

Commerce One Inc. this week announced its Commerce One XML Development Kit 1.0, billed as “the world’s first Extensible Markup Language schema toolkit to enable the industry-wide creation of XML-based business documents and applications.”

XDK 1.0 is immediately available and can be downloaded for free from Commerce One’s MarketSite Web site.

By using information-rich, robust XML schema-based applications, XDK 1.0 will enable developers to provide application-to-application interoperability. Commerce One believes the XDK 1.0 will significantly reduce application development time and provide a powerful XML schema and DTD parser to validate XML documents. The XDK also includes an industry standard SAX API set (Simple API for XML), along with a rapid application development environment that features strong data typing capabilities.

Other Commerce One XML-based e-commerce solutions include:

  • CBL 2.0 – Common Business Library, a set of XML schema components, documents and a framework that allows the creation of robust, reusable, XML applications for e-commerce
  • XML schema language – this schema language provides the framework for e-commerce transaction validation
  • Commerce One MarketSite – the e-commerce portal that enables businesses to create open, interoperable marketplaces that automate all their interactions with suppliers, from order to payment

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