Corel Takes Wraps Off Open*J

Corel Corporation unveiled Open*J this week, the core technology that provides a foundation for future Corel products built using the Java programming language and eXtensible Markup Language (XML).

Corel said Open*J is designed to allow users with little or no programming experience to quickly and easily create applications for any intranet, extranet, or Internet site.

It works on any computer that can run a Java Virtual Machine or has a
Java-enabled browser. In addition, it complies with industry standards,
making it compatible with existing software solutions.

Organizations can quickly create customized business solutions with little
or no Java-based programming experience, as well as control software
deployment and upgrade costs because Java now becomes a practical technology
for building solutions to real business problems.

Open*J is core technology that uses XML and JavaBeans for the easy and
dynamic creation of Web-based applications. Open*J uses XML as an ADML
(Application Description Markup Language). Corel created ADML to “glue”
JavaBeans together to create customized Web-based applications. Open*J can
be used to create applications with any XML editor, word processor, or text

Since Java solutions must coexist with current software products, Corel developed jBridge to extend existing 32-bit Windows applications to any
desktop using the run-anywhere nature of Java.

Open*J and jBridge are slated for release in the summer of 1998.

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