DataChannel and Microsoft Announce eXtensible Querying Language and eXtensible Stylesheet Language

Microsoft Corp.
and DataChannel Inc. Monday
released the second beta version of the XML Java parser (XJ2).

This release of XJ2 includes many enhancements of the first beta release of
the parser, such as a high-performance validating XML engine, XQL support,
and XTL data transformations.

By leveraging the XML specification, DataChannel and Microsoft are
continuing to assist in the automation of e-commerce by using
standards-based transaction and exchange protocols, the enabling of
data-warehousing incorporating automated data exchange between disparate
data stores and automated document and knowledge management systems.

This beta release of the XML Java parser includes the following features:

  • XSL support – developers can apply style sheets to XML data and
    display or transform the data in a dynamic and flexible way
  • XQL
    Querying of XML Data – the querying capabilities of the DataChannel XQL
    processor enable developers to locate and extract information in an XML
    data set on the client or the server
  • XML Document Object Model (DOM) –
    the DOM is a standard object application-programming interface which
    provides developers with programmatic control of XML document content,
    structure, formats and more
  • High-performance, validating XML engine –
    the XML engine supports W3C XML 1.0 and XML Namespaces, which enables
    developers to qualify element names uniquely and avoid conflicts between
    elements with the same name
  • XML Schemas – schemas define the rules of
    an XML document, which elements can appear in combination and which
    attributes are available for each element
  • Server-side XML, XSL and XQL
    – server-side processing allows the passing of data between multiple
    distributed application servers

DataChannel hopes its XML Roadmap well help users understand how XML can
revolutionize the manner in which corporations conduct business and show
them how they can shorten their time to market. By using DataChannel’s XML
framework by using DataChannel RIO and XJ2, developers can leverage their
existing IT infrastructure and integrate it with XML to Web-enable the

To download XML Java Parser Beta 2, visit the DataChannel Inc. XML Web site.

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