Digital Renaissance Releases T.A.G. 1.5

Digital Renaissance today
announced T.A.G. 1.5, a substantial upgrade to its streaming media-linking

With full support for RealNetworks’ RealSystem 5.0 streaming media system,
T.A.G. 1.5 enables Web developers to publish synchronized events to
RealSystem 5.0.

With T.A.G.’s support for a broader array of links beyond the standard URL
flips and hotspots, RealSystem 5.0 will enable the use of effects such as
captioning, marquees, and streaming Java commands.

T.A.G. 1.5 directly integrates into the RealSystem 5.0 software components,
so the development time is cut, and end-users never have to download
additional plug-ins. This also increases the developer’s ability to publish
synchronized events to
streaming or live media.

The T.A.G. medialinking tools allows developers and broadcast producers to
create dynamic, digital storytelling projects both online and on CD-ROM. It
also allows developers to create interactive links to media sources, including
video, audio, animation, URLs, executable files, Java, and Visual Basic

For more information on T.A.G. 1.5, visit the Digital Renaissance T.A.G.
Web site

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