Domain Hackers Target

The rash of domain name attempted thefts that was

first reported
last week continued today with Corp.,
publisher of,
among the latest targets.

The would-be hijackers succeeded in forcing a change in the public Internic
record for As of mid-day, the WHOIS record for
incorrectly listed BCS Inc. of Montreal, QC as the domain name owner. The
domain name root records were not changed and traffic to the site was not
affected. technical staff was assured by NSI that the DNS records would
not be re-directed and the mistake would be rectified within hours.

Alan Meckler, Corp.’s Chairman and CEO, said, “It’s clear
there is a security issue here that Network Solutions’ needs to address,”
but Meckler said he was confident the appropriate steps were being taken to
minimize any possible damage from this attack. “When you have valuable
property, you have to expect it will be greatly sought after,” Meckler
said, adding that he had directed the company’s legal department to pursue
the matter with the FBI.

A source at Network Solutions said that NSI is already working with the FBI
to track the spoofers.

In the cases reported last week, NSI had returned control of the domain
names “,” and “” to their owners.

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