Drupal Opens the Garden to Boost CMS

Drupal wants to put you on notice that setting up a Web site is about to get a lot easier. That’s what it’s claiming with its new Drupal Gardens offering, which looks to demystify the process of building and hosting powerful Web sites.

Drupal’s already powering the content management systems in use by Red Hat, Mozilla and the White House. Developer.com hears from the open source effort’s founder on what’s coming down the pike.

The Drupal open source content management system (CMS) is on the verge of a major overhaul that could see it become more powerful and user-friendly.

Drupal is among the leading CMSs, in use by Red Hat, Mozilla and WhiteHouse.gov to name a few.

Drupal is gearing up for its 7.0 release, which can now be previewed by way of a new effort called Drupal Gardens. With Drupal Gardens, Acquia—the lead commercial sponsor behind Drupal—is providing an early look at version 7 with a new hosted build-your-own-Drupal-site online service.

Drupal founder Dries Buytaert said the new effort aims to expand the market for Drupal and make it easier for people to build sites.

“Drupal Gardens is essentially Drupal as a service,” Buytaert told InternetNews.com. “It’s a hosted version of Drupal and it’s also a managed service so people don’t have to worry about upgrading or security fixes. We take care of all of that.”

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Gardening with Drupal and Dries

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