eBusiness Technologies Releases Conversion Engine

eBusiness Technologies, a division of Inso Corp. (INSO)
released a conversion engine that will allow users to upload Microsoft Word
files and convert them to XML code for storage and indexing in its DynaBase
e-business Internet publishing platform.

This new utility, offered through the company’s Professional Services
Group (PSG), can be customized into DynaBase’s workflow toolkit. PSG also
offers an XML conversion service for customers interested in either a
one-time or periodic batch conversion of Word documents to XML.

Pricing to integrate the XML conversion engine into the DynaBase workflow
toolkit starts at $25,000 with a minimum of three days of customization
priced at $2,500 per day. The cost for the XML conversion services is based
on the structure and volume of documents to be converted.

eBusiness Technologies’ PSG division specializes in all aspects of
product implementation and integration, and offers extensive services
ranging from project consultation to full-project implementation.

DynaBase is an integrated XML-based Web publishing solution that
combines content management capabilities with a dynamic serving environment.
It automates the production and enables personalized delivery of content to
Internet, intranet, extranet, and wireless networks and devices. Designed
for midsize to large organizations, DynaBase is a flexible and scalable
solution for building and sustaining interactive, online
business-to-business and business-to-consumer activities.

Founded in 1982, eBusiness Technologies provides solutions and services
for e-business applications. The division is built on Inso’s unique and
solid foundation of content management and Internet technology expertise.
Its two leading products are DynaBase and MediaBank.

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