Eclipse Helios Update Brings New PHP Tools

The Eclipse Foundation started as an alternative Java effort to Sun Microsystems. Even its name was meant as a dig at Sun (an eclipse blocks out the sun). But in time, it put the joke behind it and grew to expand other open source efforts. One of them is the PHP scripting language used as a more programmatic alternative to HTML in Web pages. This week, the Foundation released a new version of the PHP developer tools, sporting all new features. has the details on what’s new.

When the Eclipse Foundation began its regular release cycle more than seven years ago, the focus then was all about Java. That has changed in recent years as the open source PHP language has become an increasingly popular part of the annual Eclipse release train, including this week’s Eclipse Helios release.

Among the 39 projects included in Eclipse Helios is the PDT (PHP Developer Tools) 2.2 release. The PHP Eclipse project was first announced back in 2005, with version 1.0 coming in 2007. With the PDT 2.2 release, the project has continued to evolve with new features as the project’s popularity has grown.

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