EclipseCon: New Runtime Projects Get Thumbs-Up

Big news out of EclipseCon this week: Two open source runtime projects are getting a boost thanks to new ties with the EclipseRT project at the Eclipse Foundation.

Gemini, the first project, is geared toward enterprise-friendly features like logging, while Virgo is centered on providing in-demand capabilities for modular, Web-based server applications. While there’s some overlap between the two, the Eclipse Foundation sees plenty of upside. has the report.

The open source Eclipse Foundation isn’t just about Java tooling development anymore.

This week at the EclipseCon event, the Eclipse Foundation announced the expansion of its EclipseRT top-level project with Gemini and Virgo, a pair of newly approved projects that both provide implementations of the OSGi (Open Services Gateway initiative) runtime.

With the new projects, Eclipse is continuing to build on the EclipseRT foundation it started two years ago when the top-level project made its debut.

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Eclipse Foundation Expands Runtime Efforts

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