Elemental Software Releases Drumbeat 2.0

Elemental Software today announced
its Drumbeat 2.0 Web authoring software.

According to Elemental, nonprogramming Web professionals will now be able
to create interactive, cross-browser, database-driven Web sites without
writing any code.

With Drumbeat 2.0, Elemental Software introduces its “Interaction Builder”
utility, which gives developers the ability to easily create and manage Web
applications, spending less time and less money than was previously
possible using conventional tools. The Preview Edition of Drumbeat 2.0 is
now available for download from the Elemental Software Web site.

The “Father of Visual Basic,” Alan Cooper, played a key role in the design
of Drumbeat 2.0. He wanted developers to feel like they have an engineer
on call–the tool should be that intuitive and easy to use. Cooper
visualized a tool that has the power to create real business solutions
using point-and-click, WYSIWYG methods.

By using English-language-style associations rather than programming
languages, Drumbeat Interaction Builder enables users to develop solid
business applications.

For each design element, or combination of design elements, Drumbeat offers
a list of appropriate interactions, including:

  • DHTML filters and transition effects
  • media controllers and players
  • form validations
  • CSS-style modifications
  • DHTML fly-ins
  • record set navigation

Drumbeat 2.0 Professional is expected to be released in March for a retail
price of $799, while the standard version of Drumbeat 2.0 will sell for

For more information, or to download the preview release of Drumbeat
2.0, visit the Elemental Software Web site.

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