Elemental Software Releases Drumbeat 2000

Elemental Software
Thursday announced the release of Drumbeat 2000, the third major version of
its flagship Web development tool. Drumbeat 2000 was created to meet the
requirements of developers building sophisticated, data-driven Web

Drumbeat 2000 is billed as the “fastest, easiest way for developers to
build Web interfaces for applications and databases.” The tool utilizes a
visual drag-and-drop interface and features application wizards which
reduce the time and skill normally required to develop dynamic Web sites.
Drumbeat 2000 enables non-programmers to create visually engaging Web
applications that are supported by all of the major Web browsers.

Major enhancements in this release of Drumbeat include an expanded data
form wizard, point-and-click interactions support for server-side COM and
ASP objects, VBScript support, and additional dynamic application templates.

Drumbeat 2000 generates code automatically for Microsoft Active Server
Pages (ASP). This allows applications to run on standard Microsoft Web
servers. Developers are using Drumbeat to add database functionality to
their existing Web sites as well as to develop new data-driven Web

For a limited time, Drumbeat 2000 is available for a special introductory
price of $249.

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