EnterpriseSoft Introduces Pure Java Report Writer

EnterpriseSoft today announced the release of the EnterpriseSoft Report Writer (ERW) for Java, a pure Java report writer.

ERW is built using Java 1.1 and is supported in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, in Netscape Navigator 4.04 or higher, and in the HotJava browser from Sun Microsystems.

Key features include:

  • Pure Java 1.1–portability across all Java 1.1 platform
  • Compact–about 350 Kb
  • Data source-independent–generates reports from any database using
    JDBC or from any application
  • Supports multiple output devices–Save reports as HTML, ASCII, preview on screen or print to printer
  • Powerful and flexible–Formulas, nested grouping, extensive formatting, image (gif, jpg, bmp) support
  • Easy to use–Auto-query generator and GUI-based template designer

For more information on the EnterpriseSoft Report Writer, visit the EnterpriseSoft Web site.

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