Evolution Debuts EvoScript Version 4 Beta

Evolution Online Systems, Inc. today announced the beta release of EvoScript 4, the company’s Perl-based Web-database application framework.

Evolution Online said the product is targeted at developers looking to rapidly develop dynamic Web sites and network-based business information systems.

EvoScript 4 features an extensible, standards-based platform for creating server-side Web applications, and uses a simple, tag-based embedded scripting language for the centralized control of configuration, preferences, and permissions. EvoScript supports most Web servers through the use of CGI or Fast-CGI. The tool also dynamically generates SQL that can interface with relational database servers.

The latest release of EvoScript, Version 4, features many improvements:

  • an “optimized and refactored” class hierarchy that provides greater speed and extensibility
  • improved Web-request architecture provides support for virtual host, standalone Web service, and a plug-in interface for custom application objects
  • enhanced database objects provides support for many-to-one relationships, user-defined business rules, and structured criteria

The initial release of EvoScript includes all of the components required to use Perl 5.003+ on Unix with MySQL, or on Microsoft Windows NT with ODBC data sources.

The tool is provided in source-code form, and can be downloaded for free from the EvoScript Web site.

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