Fax4free.Com Releases “Site2Fax” Technology

Fax4Free.com this week released its Site2Fax technology, which allows Web users to receive faxes of online content.

Among the initial sites to use the new technology are Wired News, Touch Screens Direct, The Parenting Coalition, Life Extension Buyers’ Club, and WebMonkey.

The Site2Fax technology provides Web sites with instant fax functionality, allowing both host and user to transmit Web content for free from any site on the Web to any fax number in the United States.

Faxed content can be sent to friends, colleagues or businesses, with the ability to carbon copy (CC) up to four additional recipients. Faxed material can include rate information, product descriptions, news articles, schedules and travel arrangements–faxing the text exactly as it appears on the screen.

Fax4Free.com will provide Site2FaxSM for a limited period to qualified Web sites at no cost. The cost of operating the free “Site2Fax” technology will be offset by the placement of ads in the page margins of the faxed content. For additional information about the Site2FaxSM technology, visit the Fax4Free Web site, or send an email to [email protected].

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