FileMaker Releases Developer 5

FileMaker Inc. Monday released
FileMaker Developer 5, a tool aimed at database developers creating powerful
FileMaker Pro solutions for workgroups, the Web or as royalty-free runtime

FileMaker Developer 5 carries a suggested retail price of $499. It
contains FileMaker Developer Tool, XML support, and support for data
standards, including FileMaker ODBC and JDBC drivers.

FileMaker Developer 5 supplies documentation and examples for XML as well
as APIs like JDBC, ODBC, CDML and the External Function plug-ins. Last
month, FileMaker launched FileMaker
XML Central,
a Web site with documentation on FileMaker support of XML.
FileMaker XML Central also provides late-breaking news and links to
information about XML and related technologies, like Extensible Style Sheets
and Cascading Style Sheets.

New capabilities in FileMaker Developer 5 include features that allow
developers to customize solutions well beyond the scope of typical FileMaker
Pro 5 solutions. Also, along with the FileMaker OBDC driver, FileMaker
Developer 5 offers a JDBC driver that allows users to create Java
applications and applets using standard Java development tools as front-ends
to FileMaker Pro databases. FileMaker Developer 5 also provides an External
Function plug-in API to allow developers to produce a broad array of
functionality ranging from credit card verification to scientific and
financial calculations.

Effective Monday, customers in North America may order FileMaker Developer
5 at $499 from the FileMaker store
or by calling 800-725-2747. Licensed FileMaker Pro 4.0 Developer Edition
users are eligible for a $100 or mail-in rebate (offer good until December
31, 2000) if they wish to upgrade. Individual copies of FileMaker Developer
5 may be purchased from authorized FileMaker resellers.

To further assist cross-platform database developers, owners of FileMaker
Developer 5 receive a copy of FileMaker Pro 5, which they can run on either
Mac OS or Windows platforms.

A subsidiary of Apple Computer Inc.
(AAPL), FileMaker claims a user base of more than 17,000 corporate and commercial developers who create Web, workgroup and database solutions.

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