Flash Backward? Apple Tightens iPhone Dev Rules

Apple made a number of significant changes to the software underlying the iPhone. The new iPhone 4 OS, previewed Thursday and due out this summer, adds multitasking and an ad platform, among other features.

But Apple hasn’t allowed Flash, the popular media playback software for the Web, on the iPhone and, as EnterpriseMobileToday reports, it looks like Apple’s made it even harder for Flash to get on the device.

Apple’s latest update to the software development kit (SDK) for the iPhone doesn’t specifically target Adobe Flash media playback software, but it appears to further cement Apple’s refusal to allow the software to run on its hot-selling mobile device.

Although Flash is among the most widely used pieces of software on Web , Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs has stated he doesn’t want it on the iPhone because of what he described as performance issues and software bugs. But users and developers have complained about the lack of Flash support while competitors have positioned the inclusion of Flash in their devices as an advantage.

Now, following Thursday’s unveiling of the new iPhone 4 OS, blogger John Gruber revealed what he said is a change to a portion of the latest SDK that doesn’t bode well for Flash getting on the iPhone, not to mention certain other applications that don’t follow Apple’s developer guidelines.

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Mobile App Update: Apple’s New Rules May Hamper Flash-on-iPhone Effort

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