Google Offers Native C Apps in Chrome

For the longest time, it has been standard practice that apps written for the desktop are written in C/C++ and Web apps are written in Java or an interpreted language like PHP. Well, Google aims to change that with its Native Client SDK.

This developer kit will allow developers to create Web apps in C or C++ and run in a browser, something that traditionally has not been done. Will it work, and will developers embrace it? finds out.

Google is accelerating its effort this week to bring more powerful and fully functioned applications to the Web with the release of the Native Client SDK preview.

Native Client is an open source technology that enables native C or C++ code to run in a Web browser, bringing more advanced applications to the Web that can run inside of Google’s Chrome browser. The approach extends the capabilities of Web-based applications beyond the limitations imposed by using JavaScript, and the SDK builds on efforts to promote the technology that Google has had underway since last year.

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Google’s Going Native in Chrome With SDK

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