Google Revs App Engine With Availability Focus

Google is stepping up its efforts to court developers to its cloud-based platform, App Engine, with the release of version 1.4, rolling out a host of new features that together promise to improve application delivery.

Those features include so-called always on improvements that look to cut down on latency. Additionally, Google is offering a channel API that pushes out notifications of new content directly to the Web browser. has the story.

Every now and again, an engine needs a tune-up. With the Google App Engine 1.4 release, Google is tuning up its application delivery platform with new availability and real-time capabilities for deploying on Google’s cloud.

The new features expand Google’s push to attract developers to App Engine and to compete against rivals like Amazon in the cloud application delivery market. Overall, the App Engine platform is now generating approximately 1 billion page views on a daily basis, according to Google.

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Google Tunes Up App Engine Cloud Platform with Focus on App Availability

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