Google’s Open Source Project-Hosting Milestone

Google Code has emerged as a major player in hosting open source projects, with more than 240,000 registered projects. This week, five years after its inception, the effort’s leaders look back at how they succeeded and some of what Google Code had achieved during that time.

There’s also good news for users of Google Code: a bump in the amount of data projects are able to store on the site. takes a look.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — If there was any question that you were in the right place for the Google Code anniversary event here on the search giant’s Silicon Valley campus, you needed only to glance at one vanity license plate in the parking lot outside: “I ♥ APIs”.

Five years ago, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) launched Google Code, a seemingly modest project designed to be an online resource for open source projects. At its start, Google Code had only four open source projects and a few APIs available.

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Google Code Celebrates 5th Anniversary of Open Source Project Hosting

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