IBM Adds XML Technology To DB2 Universal Database

IBM Corp. is planning on a June release date for its DB2 Universal Database 6.1, the latest version of the multimedia-capable, Web-enabled relational database management system.

Included in this release are XML enhancements that will enable DB2 to
support a variety of applications which utilize XML, such as information retrieval applications that require powerful search capabilities for XML documents, and e-commerce applications which use XML as their data exchange format. Enhancements include:

  • The DB2 Text Extender – provides text search functions to text documents managed by DB2 and has been enhanced to support “section searching” of XML documents
  • DB2 XML Extender – will further integrate XML support into DB2 by providing additional query capabilities on XML data, along with ease-of-use enhancements
  • IBM WebSphere – includes XML4J, IBMs XML for Java Parser, designed to
    help developers parse, process and create XML documents, and provide
    applications the ability to read and write XML data

IBM Tuesday made its XML Translator Generator available. This tool simplifies the ability to share XML documents with one another by translating documents from one XML vocabulary into another. Additionally, the XML Translator Generator can be used to extract data from legacy Web pages written in HTML and convert it into XML data.

For additional information, or to download IBM’s XML Translator Generator, visit
IBMs alphaWorks Web site.

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