IBM Announces Two New XML Technologies

IBM Tuesday announced two new XML technologies which are available for free on IBM’s alphaWorks Web site. IBM said it believes that XML can become the “standard for defining and sharing data on the Web and a key component in extending the capabilities of e-business.”

Xeena is a Java-based graphical XML editor which provides developers a visual interface for creating and editing XML documents using any valid XML vocabulary. By using the Xeena interface, developers are able to edit multiple XML documents, and copy, cut and paste from one document into another. The tool provides syntax directed editing, ensuring that all documents it creates are valid according to the specific XML vocabulary that is used.

Additionally, IBM announced the release of XML4JParser V.2, the second version of IBMs XML for Java Parser. The tool is designed to help developers parse, process and create XML documents, and is being offered with a free commercial license.

Version 2 of XML4JParser includes a more flexible, scaleable architecture, which enables the replacement of validators and the addition of international character encodings.

For additional information about these two XML technologies, visit the alphaWorks Web site.

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