IBM Debuts developerWorks Japanese

IBM Corp. this week launched
developerWorks Japanese, created to support the growing requirement for
developer information and resources in Asia.

IBM is billing developerWorks Japan as “the first developer portal to
provide resources to Japanese developers in their own language.”
developerWorks Japanese will feature tips, tools, news, code and
information covering Java, XML, Open Source, Unicode, Linux, Security and
Web Architecture fields. IBM will eventually expand the site to include
requested features, based on user feedback.

In order to create developerWorks Japanese, IBM’s developerWorks team
utilized IBM’s technical resources, as well as scanning the Web to include
other publicly available developer resources. When they found areas with
little coverage, the developerWorks team, including staff writers, IBM
software engineers, freelancers and developers industry wide, worked
together to create technical articles and trend pieces to meet industry

The site includes daily news synopses covering several areas of
development, along with accompanying news discussion forums to provide
developers with an opportunity to share their practices and reactions to
news from the Asian-Pacific marketplace.

developerWorks Japanese
was officially launched at the IBM Fair in Tokyo on March 1.

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