ICANN Settles on New Skipper

After more than a year-long search process that spanned 300 potential
suitors, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Tuesday
elected Dr. M. Stuart Lynn to succeed Michael Roberts as president and chief
executive officer.

Lynn will take over when the board of directors’ March meeting culminates.
As for qualifications, Lynn has about 40 years of computing and information
technology experience.

Holding a Ph.D in Mathematics from the University of California at Los
Angeles, Lynn’s most recent position was as associate vice president for
Information Resources and Communications for the University of California
Office of the President where he served as chief information officer for the
combined University of California system. Lynn also served as president and
board chairman of the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in
California (CENIC).

“Dr. Lynn will bring the energy, experience and skills needed to forge
consensus from the diversity of Internet constituencies that have interest
in ICANN and its work,” said Vint Cerf, chairman of the ICANN board.

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