ImageLock Announces Image Tracking Service Tuesday announced its Imagelock image protection and management service which provides customers with instant access to information about the use and misuse of their digital image assets on the Web.

The Imagelock tracking service instantly enables customers to identify and
resolve trademark and copyright infringements. The service is also being
promoted as a new type of banner and logo marketing based on tracked images.
The service provides comprehensive coverage of images on the Web, enabling
customers to easily locate, update and replace logos and other identity assets.

The ImageLock service is made possible by using the latest image identification technology called ImageLock Fingerprint. The detailed process of “fingerprinting” every image on the Web is accomplished by using the ImageLock Spider. Images may include logos, icons, banners, clipart, animations, photographs, gifs, jpgs and more.

The ImageLock Spider finds the source file of
each new image, image copy, or image reference-link and then fingerprints the
source file. The fingerprint is indexed with the image’s URL and the URL of
the Web page displaying the image, to be used later at the user’s request. The
ImageLock Spider constantly monitors more than 3 million domain names and news groups, which enables the comprehensive protection and management of image assets on the Internet.

According to ImageLock, the ImageLock Web site features the largest image
search engine available with more than 100 million searchable image reference-links
from the Internet. The images are not copied, stored or displayed on the
ImageLock Web site without the express permission of the images’ owners.

ImageLock is offering three image search service subscription options,
including a 30-day subscription for $195 and a 1-Year Subscription for $1,995, along with Customized Internet Search Services.

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